Featured products

Ecommerce Solutions

An affordable and quality solution. Upload and sell your products online and expand your market.

New Software Development

Developed from the ground up. All code is written in C# and developed on Microsoft technologies.

Existing Software Maintenance

Code maintenance or new feature development / extensions on existing software applications.

Custom SMS Integration

A customized solution to integrate our SMS Gateway with your current business software.

Pastel Software Development

Develop new software to integrate with Sage Evolution to help streamline business operations.

Pastel Custom Software Maintenance

Updates and upgrades to existing software integrated with Sage Evolution.

Simple Websites

1 to 5 pages with a professional look. This is best suited for websites that are not updated often.

High Content Driven Website

Best suited for corporate businesses or public facing platforms with a complex menu.

Simple Website Hosting

Best for small to medium websites that are not database driven and are static in nature.

Website + Database Hosting

For websites that are database driven. We offer Microsoft and PHP hosting together with control panel.

Email Hosting

We offer multiple options depending on your business needs. For day to day emails to marketing campaigns.

SSL Certificates

We sell data encryption certificates from two of the leading SSL Brands in the world.